Fortnite - The Batman Who Laughs Outfit (DLC) Epic Games Key GLOBAL

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Fortnite - The Batman Who Laughs Outfit (DLC) Epic Games Key 

Fortnite – The Batman Who Laughs Outfit DLC includes:

  • • The Batman Who Laughs Outfit ✅
  • • Robin’s Perch Back Bling ✅
  • • Dark Days Loading Screen ✅

The DLC addition The Batman Who Laughs to the Fortnite game will appeal to fans of the „DC“ universe the most, as it will feature the legendary „DC“ hero Batman., By purchasing this addition you will be looking like the Bat himself!. This cosmetic item found its way into the Fortnite game for the first time in the eighth season of the second Fortnite chapter and belongs to the Dark Multiverse set. The costume of the famous Batman character will make you feel exceptional and special in trying to win the Fortnite game.

How do I redeem on a PC?

  • • Click Sign In on the top right corner of the Fortnite home page;
  • • Log in with your Epic Games account;
  • • Hover your mouse cursor over your account name on the top right corner;
  • • Select the Redeem Code option;
  • • Enter the key code and click Redeem.

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